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Exceeding expectations

At Oseans365, we go above and beyond to deliver concierge service that exceeds expectations. Our far-reaching network of connections stands at the ready, so no matter how complex your request, we'll make it a reality. 


Completed with discretion and efficiency, here's just a sampling of the services we provide or procure for our clients:

  • Real estate 

  • Services to promote a healthy lifestyle (personal trainers, dietitians, yoga instructors, massage therapists, beauticians)

  • Event planning, including preparing the property for events

  • Organization services for home, garage, storage units, guest houses, and offices

  • Transportation arrangements and care, including automobile services, yacht services, limousines, and private jets/planes

  • Travel arrangements and services

  • Everyday errands 

  • Medical accounting

  • Pet care

  • Additional concierge services available upon request

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