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Sean Couch, CEO 

Sean has had the privilege to construct, manage and sell multi-million dollar residential and commercial projects. He is a licensed General Contractor and Real Estate broker with decades of experience in the fields of real estate and construction management. He is a zealous entrepreneur. Sean has 20+ years in the construction industry with the last 10 years in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. 


He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Appalachian State University with years of experience in the capacities of Real Estate Brokerage, Advisor, Managing Director, Founding Partner and President.

Sean shares proficiency in the art of business development and is a strong-minded team leader who highly values the attributes of customer satisfaction and client relationships. He relishes being involved in every stage of a business life cycle and is adept in implementing and executing the strategic aspects needed to take a business from thought to reality.  His endeavors and experiences have allowed him to make a seamless transition into luxury property management sector in the Palm Beaches. 

Amy Gerry, Director of Business Development | Phone: 917-816-4575

Amy Gerry is a business development professional and marketing expert with decades of experience in the fields of management, marketing, and business & client development. 


Amy has had the privilege to serve leading investment advisory firms, family holding companies, luxury sail and powerboat manufacturers, and art auction and advisory houses as Executive Assistant and Director of Client Development & Business Development. She leverages her years of experience and industry knowledge to help businesses streamline management and has served the likes of Hinckley Yachts, Edgewood Management LLC, and Sotheby’s Inc.  


Amy is an alumni of Manhattanville College with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She is an excellent communicator who shares proficiency in time management, multi-tasking, and takes immense pleasure in removing complexities from the personal and professional lives of others. Prior to joining the Oseans365 team, Amy was the Executive Assistant at Ingleside Investors, a family office in New York City where she not only orchestrated the complex life of the chairman/CEO, but also oversaw other family needs along with four additional properties.  


Tula Bikos, Controller | Phone: 561-425-8203

Tula Bikos is a well-versed and dedicated business professional with proficiency in bookkeeping, management, sales, and marketing. She holds 25+ years of experience working in business management and has had the privilege to serve numerous high-profile businesses.


Tula strives to leverage her decades of experience and strong interpersonal communication skills to connect with clients and deliver top-notch client-focused services.

Tula attended Palm Beach Community College and has held state licensing through the Florida Mortgage Broker School and both the Florida 2-15 and Florida 4-40. Equipped with a correspondence degree in bookkeeping, Tula is also a Certified Professional Organizer and an active member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.


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